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Our Staff

Mike Peerenboom and Odessa Merten

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Mike Peerenboom

OwnerMike P
When it comes to horses, Mike Peerenboom biggest influence was definitely his father, the late Dick Peerenboom. When his family bought the farm in 1980 from Dr. Sanzenbacher (with previous owner being the Turner Farm), Mike was thirteen years-old and his chores after school was to help out at the farm. The farm mainly boarded Quarter and Arabians horses at the time. During that period, cars were his main hobby. It was not until his father bought a saddlebred called Mark and Mike was about eighteen years-old, this turned his attention and interest around towards horses. His father taught him everything about caring, training and riding for horses. His father had an extensive background of working with World Champion saddlebreds when the farm used to be called the Turner Farm. It has been over twenty-five years Mike has been riding and training  horses.

An Exciting Future
Mike’s vision for the future is to repeat history at this same location by raising World Champion American Saddlebreds and making it best place for quality and care of horses. When the farm belonged to the Turners, The Guildford Farm, a horse owned by Vince Lombardi was boarded and trained here. That said, there is a lot of historical value at Glen Valley Farm.

Glen Valley Farm has been known to be a community friendly asset to the Oshkosh area giving the young, the old, and all ages in-between the opportunity to be around a farm atmosphere surrounded by beautiful and graceful horses without having to travel far. There are plans to make pasture expansions for the growing number of boarders. He is excited about the growing numbers to the youth club members, The Glen Valley Farm Association. And, there are more in the planning stages of how to make the farm more practical and efficient for everyone. There is much to look forward to and Mike welcomes you to come and visit our “home away from home” facility.

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Odessa Merten

Love For Horses
Odessa has been riding horses for over eighteen years. She had taken riding lessons from several different instructors during her younger years. Each experience has given her many useful perspectives to use in her own riding techniques used today. The owner of Glen Valley Farm Mike Peerenboom has impacted her riding, driving, and training skills along with an overall horse knowledge the most.

In addition to her deep love for horses while growing up, Odessa was also heavily involved with club gymnastics. The gymnastic career begun when she was five-years old and continued through to her senior year of high school. In the later years of gymnastics, the practice commitment grew. It included six-days a week practice time, three to four hours a day, and any free-time beyond school and gymnastics, you would always find her in the barn at Glen Valley Farm.

There was a lot of traveling during those gymnastics competition season years. The gymnastic competitions took her all over the U.S. including Puerto Rico. Through competing in gymnastics, it taught her very useful lessons that she uses today. The lessons are mostly relevant to how the mind and body must work together. There was a period of time when she coached gymnasts from beginners to highest skill level. Because of this experience, she understands what competition pressure is. Odessa teaches students how to overcome these adversities.

During each riding lesson, she coaches students with a step-by-step approach to bring out their best, sets goals, and build confidence.

Safety is #1
Safety is our barn’s number one goal for lesson kids and adults. All proper precautions are taken determined by age and skill level. The learning process usually come in small increments. Yet some riders pick-up the skill quicker and then adjustments are made to coaching instructions that will fit each person’s personal need.

Enjoyment is never hard to achieve when it comes to riding a horse. Learning to communicate in common language and gaining a mutual respect and bond with a horse does take time and practice. Glen Valley Farm can take you there!

A practice ride on Dealer when Odessa was 15-years old.

A practice ride on Dealer when Odessa was 15-years old.